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Wayne Fella Morrison

29 years old

Wayne died from causes including spithood and restraint asphyxia, with no CCTV footage of the transport van with 7 officers inside. The coronial inquest into the death in custody of Wayne Fella Morrison will continue from April 2021. It will likely be 6 years til the family receives a final report from the coroner. Your support is critical to alleviate the stress and keep this fight for justice sustained. The family have three immediate needs; for the 7 corrections officers in the transport van with no CCTV footage to be physically present and willing to provide them with details about Wayne’s final moments in the van; for relevant convictions to be laid if it is found that there has been an issue of negligence, and; to ensure spithoods and other deadly restraint processes in all prisons across Australia are banned.

FB: @JusticeforFella

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Christopher Drage and Trisjack Simpson

16 years and 17 years

Both boys tragically lost their lives in Perth Swan River whilst being pursued by police.

The families are awaiting an inquest in March 2021

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Joyce Gladis Clarke

29 years old

‘My daughter was shot on the street by WA Police. Her son was only 6 years old.’ - Anne Jones.


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Gareth Jackson Roe

11 years old

Gareth was the victim of racism, bullying and police curfew. He suicided in Carnarvon Western Australia. Coroner reported an “open finding”.

FB: @deathsincustodywa

David Dungay Jr Image

David Dungay Jnr

26 years old

David Dungay Jnr died at the hands of corrective officers after refusing to stop eating a packet of biscuits. The Dungay family has been fighting for justice ever since.

FB: @justiceforjnr

cherdeena wynne imagewarren john cooper

Granddaughter and son died from police involvement. Police to be held responsible, stop the cover-ups. Our families need JUSTICE!

Warren John Cooper

26 years old

Warren was visiting his daughter Cherdeena in Perth and was arrested on the plane trip home. He died at the police watch house in Albany.

Cherdeena Wynne

26 years old

Cherdeena died after losing consciousness while she was handcuffed. Both her and her Dad died from police involvement 20 years apart.

FB: @Justice-For-Cherdeena-Wynn

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Nathan Reynolds

36 years old

A proud Dunghutti man, loving human and devoted father. He died on the cold jail floor after a severe asthma attack, with no medical attention for at least 40 minutes.

TW: @wewillfight4you

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Aunty Sherry Fisher-Tilberoo

49 years old

A proud cultural Birigubba woman died at the grasp of a system that failed her basic human rights, in a cold concrete cell. Shame on the QLD Government & police.


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Aunty Tanya Day

55 years old

Tanya was arrested for public drunkenness and died from a traumatic head injury. The police officers failed their duty of care, the Coroner found her death was preventable, but no police officer was charged.

FB: @Justicefortanyaday

Raymond Noel Thomas Image

Raymond Noel Thomas

29 years old

Raymond Noel Thomas was a Gunnai, Gunditjmara and Wiradjuri man. He died in police pursuit. He did nothing wrong. He is forever missed, loved and longed for by his family and community.

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Stanley Inman

19 years old

Our Stanley, my boy’s life should of mattered and his loss will forever hurt us. His mother, father, siblings and nephews and nieces will never ever get over this.

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Tane Chatfield

22 years old

Our beautiful Tane, 22 year old Gomeroi man was taken too soon. He was a loving dad and his son has been left behind. We want the truth about our son and justice for Tane Chatfield. We know the system killed our son. The pain never goes away, it’s still raw. We need a fair go when there’s a coronial inquest, everything laid out on the table. Black deaths in custody won’t end until there’s an independent body investigating police, prisons and authorities.

FB: Justice4Tane